September 29, 2014

Sneak Preview: Ammara Khan at PLBW

New designer Ammara Khan is gearing up for a full impact presentation at the PLBW forum. Ammara has been designing for a while, but mostly for a select clientele. However now it's time for the world to see what this talented girl has in store! 
We had a casual chit chat with Ammara, the store, the clothes and the girl herself were super stylish! The formal collection is a must see for everyone looking for a traditional bridal trousseau with an undeniable fusion feel.

Her collection for PLBW is called  “The Winter Palace: A Celebration of the Russian Tsarina”.
 CLICK HERE to see the complete interview and more images from her gorgeous collection.

Q. Tell us a bit about this collection, its theme, journey and what you wish the observer to see when they look at your collection?

On a visit to Istanbul last winter, I was fascinated by the beauty of the jewels and artefacts from Imperial Russia displayed at the Topkapi Palace Museum. I wanted to discover more about the Russian Empire and the lives of its royalty in the seventeenth century. I was amazed to learn about the luxurious and opulent lifestyles of these Monarchs which was amongst the world’s most extravagant for almost two centuries. The Winter Palace, the official residence of the Russian Tasars and Tsarinas, was a reflection of this glorious time for Russia. I am hopeful that the observers will share my vision of this magnificent era through my collection. Also, I have tried to bend the rules and hope they will be well received.

Q. What have you left behind from the signature of your brand and what have you adopted this time as a sign of growth?
My evolution as a creative person over the last decade has only served to better define and strengthen my signature design philosophy. The new collection is supremely luxurious, exquisitely crafted and a harmonious blend of the classic and contemporary. The ornate pieces will be valued as works of art for years to come.

Q. Every bridal season seems to be stagnant in many ways what elements are actually open to innovation when it comes to bridals?
The colour palette, the silhouette and the choice and placement of embellishments are three areas where one can experiment freely.

Q. Have you ever thought about ready to wear bridals, Pret but for the smaller pocket such as H&M Bridal Collection?
No. I specialize in couture and as creative director, my prime focus will be to establish Ammara Khan amongst Pakistan's leading Bridal and Evening Wear design houses.

Q. In your opinion what would a perfect bride where:
What brand, kind.
Classic stilettos, Rene' Caovilla, Christian Louboutin or Jimmy Choo.
jewelled yet, discreet.

Makeup from where?
Anyone who can understand that every bride has a unique facial structure and the makeup must never overpower her face, rather should subtly enhance her features.
Jewels from where?
De Grisogono, David Morris, or Graff.

Q. What has been the most challenging thing making this particular collection?
Effective time management has been a major challenge for me. Juggling the routines of my children and giving many hours at the workshop has been very difficult these last few months. I'm exhausted by sun down!
As for the collection, my finale piece is the only one which tested me in terms of the technical execution of my design. I'm thrilled with how it turned out and can't wait for you all to see it!

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