April 9, 2014

What to expect at the PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week: Elan

On our blog for our lovely readers, a detailed encounter with the collections to be showcased at the prestigious PFDC Sunsilk Fashion week aka PSFW!
We have generated a casual chit chat with the designer for our readers to better understand the concept of a Fashion Show, their collection and the general trend of it all. Along with this some delicious images especially for our readers to enjoy whats coming!

Here's what the talented designer Khadijah Shah of Elan has to say about his collection at the Fashion Week!

-What does the Designer/Label wish to change in terms of trends with this collection.
It's a fashion forward western collection. The cut and silhouette is on trend and tre chic. Typically designers present fusion collections to play it safe for the local market, we've broken that barrier and designed a collection that could show on any international runway.

these bags are to DIE FOR!!! 

-How does this collection represent the growth of the label and its clientele
It has always been our aim to cultivate a refined aesthetic and a taste for luxury clothing in Pakistan. The exponential growth of the label and a committed clientele proves that we have been able to do that. This collection is a merger of key international trends and that unique élan sensibility that people have come to love.

-does having a fashion week really help?
Fashion weeks are important in forecasting trends and giving consumers an opportunity to view collections collectively. It is also a great opportunity for designers to express their creativity and come up with regular collections in an organised way.

Jewels by Elan making a timely appearance :)

-how important is it for an an average woman to be able to buy a more wearable/commercial version of the collection and how do you intend on doing that?
 As an established design house it is our key concern to design clothes that hold appeal for women across the board. As soon as any collection is shown on the runway the team starts working on adapting it to the requirements of our clientele.

As a team what are your goals when designing a collection?
We aim to present collections which are unique and at par with international fashion. we research extensively both in terms of global fashion trends and design elements/artwork for the collection. I feel we have an inclination towards art and our psfw collections always have an artistic vibe to them.

The funky kick ass prints!
How important is social media/bloggers pre post during these events.
I think bloggers/social media are the backbone of the fashion industry. Between them the bulk of pre-post hype and information dissemination occurs. Fashion enthusiasts can stay connected with the world of fashion continuously instead of relying and waiting for print media to inform them.

- 2 things that make editors go gaga for a collection.
1)  A unique concept and a theme
2) The cuts     

- 2 things that make the average Pakistani girl go gaga for the collection.
Feminine cut lines and a good colour palette.

- What is your inspiration for this collection and why?
The collection is a merger of art and fashion. Inspired by vintage art and fashion illustrations in particular the work of celebrated illustrator Rene Grau, customised fabric has been created for the collection. Panoramic art adorns ballooned sheer organza skirts, splashes of paint on vintage maps, bullets, lipsticks, graffiti, comic text are some of the elements we’ve used in this collection. In terms of silhouette it’s very soft, feminine and old world. Cascading silks and organzas form the base of the collection – flouncy skirts, ballooned hemlines, taffeta ruffles, midi skirts flared palazzos quirky blazers, peplum jackets, tanks tops jumpsuits and dresses; make it a complete collection with pieces that can be worn together or separately. (Think Audrey Hepburn, Breakfast at Tiffany’s). 
To create a whole look, we got a sponsorship from Shoe Planet to use their gorgeous shoes for our collection. I felt their current collection and especially the colour palette went flawlessly with our collection.

- An essential item for a summer wardrobe?
White cotton chinos

Hard at work, while the STUNNING embellished cats watch over Khadijah Shah

- Your two thoughts on StyleStripped.net.
1) One of the pioneer bloggers sites in Pakistan 
2) My go to site for all fashion tit bits

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