April 9, 2014

What to expect at the PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week: Zara Shahjahan

On our blog for our lovely readers, a detailed encounter with the collections to be showcased at the prestigious PFDC Sunsilk Fashion week aka PSFW!
We have generated a casual chit chat with the designer for our readers to better understand the concept of a Fashion Show, their collection and the general trend of it all. Along with this some delicious images especially for our readers to enjoy whats coming!

Here's what the talented designer Zara Shahjahan has to say about his collection at the Fashion Week!

What does the Designer/Label wish to change in terms of trends with this collection.
Zara Shahjahan believes in minimalism. With Lovebug, we stick to our philosophy of simplicity in cuts and silhouettes paired with an extremely fresh color palette however, there are two things that we feel need to go; floor sweeping hemlines and flair! This season its all about shorter hemlines and structured silhouettes. We are showing dresses because Lovebug is an extremely modern collection so you will be seeing floor length gowns. But as long as pret is concerned, hemlines go up and all that extra fabric goes out the window. 

Zara with her team

 How does this collection define the growth of the label itself and it's market.
Zara Shahjahan is known for its beautiful vintage florals. We have always played around with a softer color palette. This time however we took a break from pretty vintage florals and a soft color palette and have experimented with jungle floral prints. Our prints have all been designed and developed by an in-house artist. Most prints were hand painted. We experimented with the color palette. Love bug is bright and a visually attractive collection that takes a very fresh look on florals. That shows evolution of the brand. We feel we are now at the stage where we have created not just a clientele but a well established brand. Zara Shahjahan has a signature look. You see a floral lehnga or skirt and you know its Zara Shahjahan. Every luxury fashion brand after establishing itself needs to push further and explore its design philosophy. As for the market, we have recently invested in our flagship store that houses pret, luxury pret and bridals all under one roof. What we show at PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week, a version of that will be available as pret and luxury pret at our store right after. That we think says it all.  

Love them bugs in red.

- Does having a Fashion Week/ Fashion Show really help?
Ofcourse! Puts you on the fashion map.

- How important it is for an average woman to be able to buy a more commercial/wearable version of the collection pieces and how do you intend to do this.
A brand that does not make its product available to its customers is a failure. Merely showing a flamboyant collection at fashion week does not establish oneself as a successful fashion brand. You need to sell what you make. What we show at fashion week is just the essence of a collection. It is the collection's purest philosophy. What you see in the store is a trickle down of that collection; a wearable version of what you show on the ramp. 

- As a team what are your goals when designing a collection.
To create each outfit as a statement piece. 

The colours scream summer!

- 2 things that make editors go gaga for a collection.
Editors would know best! 

- 2 things that make the average Pakistani girl go gaga for the collection.
Pretty Colors, Pretty Embellishments

Tough chic embellishment

- What is your inspiration for this collection and why?
Jungle Florals. Lets say we were in the mood to experiment!

- An essential item for a summer wardrobe?
A white cropped top will take you a long way.

- How important is Social Media/ Bloggers pre, during and post these events.
It is the age of social media!

- Your two thoughts on StyleStripped.net.
We think styestripped is doing a remarkable job. Its very important for a blog to be updated and that is exactly what stylestriped is. 

Hand painted motifs : WOW!

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