April 5, 2014

What to expect at the PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week: Saira Shakira

Here's starting from today the tradition that has been on our blog for our lovely readers, a detailed encounter with the collections to be showcased at the prestigious PFDC Sunsilk Fashion week aka PSFW!
We have generated a casual chit chat with the designer for our readers to better understand the concept of a Fashion Show, their collection and the general trend of it all. Along with this some delicious images especially for our readers to enjoy whats coming!

Here's what the talented duo Saira Shakira have to say about their first encounter with the Fashion Week!
Saira places the sleek yet strong designs on gorgeous Cybil.

- what does the designer/label wish to change in terms of trends with this collection?

* Through our collection we wish to bring back higher hemlines, a sleeker and straighter silhouette as opposed to volumes, and generally change how the average woman wears an outfit.

- How does this collection define the growth of the label itself and its market.

* With this collection we wish to expand our horizons by broadening our market base by targeting the strong, modern woman along with the younger generation.

The colour palette is gold/red and black, super glamorous! 

- Does having a fashion week/ Fashion show help?

* Participating in a fashion week definitely helps, it exposes your brand to the media, both national and international as well as various buyers. A fashion week can put your brand on the map!

- How important it is for an average woman to be able to buy a more commercial/wearable version of the collection pieces and how do you intend to do this.

* We have a very wearable collection at this years PFDC Sunsilk fashion week. There a couple of Umph elements for the ramp which can be simplified for the rack. We think its very important for a collection to be wearable as it makes your brand accessible and more over makes it easier for women to relate to.

The embellishment is detailed but muted with a one colour scheme.
- As a team what are your goals when designing a collection.

* Our Goal is mainly to create outfits that are primarily aesthetically appealing and more importantly classics. We very seldom design FADs.

- 2 things that make editors go gaga for a collection.

* We don't know, you tell us!

- 2 things that make the average Pakistani girl go gaga for the collection.

* One would be anything that makes you look pretty and secondly anything that makes you look slim.

- What is your inspiration for this collection and why?

Our inspiration is " The Circus". We were inspired by the drama and magical thrill of a circus.
Drama, Thrill and Noise of the Circus make the Mood Board for SS.

- An essential item for a summer wardrobe?

* Well tailored white pants.

- How important is Social Media/ Bloggers pre, during and post these events.

We believe that if you're doing something amazing then share it with the world otherwise don't do it all. In todays technology, there is no better way to reach out than social media, that gives thorough coverage to your brand and collection, and helps in building up the interest of the viewers.

- Your two thoughts on StyleStripped.net.

* Style Stripped is a fun blog that helps you keep in touch with the latest fashion, who's wearing who and keeps you updated on what the designers are up to.

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