April 8, 2014

What to expect at the PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week: HSY

On our blog for our lovely readers, a detailed encounter with the collections to be showcased at the prestigious PFDC Sunsilk Fashion week aka PSFW!
We have generated a casual chit chat with the designer for our readers to better understand the concept of a Fashion Show, their collection and the general trend of it all. Along with this some delicious images especially for our readers to enjoy whats coming!

Here's what the talented designer HSY has to say about his collection at the Fashion Week!

- What does the Designer/Label wish to change in terms of trends with this collection.
We are launching the brand in a big way. Cuts and silhouette reflect the collection for our new pret store. Being conservative is the new fashion front. Jackets ranging from linen, chiffon and cottons are all part of our looks, which come together with great wearable separates. 

- How does this collection define the growth of the label itself and it's market.
Sher project: Giving is the new achieving and thats exactly what we're trying to do. It's time for us to give back after 20 years of appreciation. We are looking to empower rural women, set up schools and opportunities of work, not just donations.

gorgeous hues of orange, green and blue dominate the collection. 

- Does having a Fashion Week/ Fashion Show really help?
It has helped me a lot, HSY has been one of the designer houses to consistently show at the fashion weeks. It keeps us disciplined, motivated and challenged. Helps us reach out much more people.

The ethnic print under the gorgeous embroidery

- How important it is for an average woman to be able to buy a more commercial/wearable version of the collection pieces and how do you intend to do this.
The collection will be available in the exact same manner. It's a wearable collection, it goes from price point to price point. A little something for everyone. Not a lot of skin, it's a respectful nod to our culture and creativity. Women are not to be isolated with too much skin show.

the HSY pret store opening soon in Lahore!

- As a team what are your goals when designing a collection.
A collection all women will be wanting to buy. 

The village of Inspiration

- 2 things that make editors go gaga for a collection.
Separates and Silhouettes.

- 2 things that make the average Pakistani girl go gaga for the collection.
Wearability and breathable fabrics to last the long summer ahead. We have used natural fabrics and even some natural dyes. 

- What is your inspiration for this collection and why?
I have been brought up by an amazing woman, my mother. That exactly is my inspiration. Working with these village women by providing them opportunities and working towards comfortable wearable clothes for women.

- An essential item for a summer wardrobe?

- How important is Social Media/ Bloggers pre, during and post these events.
Social Media/Bloggers are instant information. Point of opinion, it maybe wrong yes. But then they have a right to share the opinion. Times are changing, bloggers have become an important medium of sending out information and teaching us with their feedback.

- Your two thoughts on StyleStripped.net.
Informative and always ahead of the game!

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