April 7, 2014

What to expect at the PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week: Nickie Nina

On our blog for our lovely readers, a detailed encounter with the collections to be showcased at the prestigious PFDC Sunsilk Fashion week aka PSFW!
We have generated a casual chit chat with the designer for our readers to better understand the concept of a Fashion Show, their collection and the general trend of it all. Along with this some delicious images especially for our readers to enjoy whats coming!

Here's what the talented duo Nickie Nina along with the young blood Mehru have to say about their  encounter with the Fashion Week this time around!

- How does this collection define the growth of the label itself and it's market.

* In our new collection we have primarily used Katcha taanka which is a unique form of embroidery only made by women in Multan. This has a direct impact on the economy as it creates more awareness for the art of katcha taanka as well as employing women from the sub-urban/rural areas (therefore, including them in the workforce). Moreover, the prĂȘt/springsummer wear is not limited to the 1% population (compared with couture) of our country and caters to a wider market inclusive of the middle and upper-middle class - meeting the ever increasing demand for luxury pret wear in Pakistan. 

Mehru working hard at the new collection.

- Does having a Fashion Week/ Fashion Show really help?

PFDC is a fantastic platform for fashion in Pakistan! Numerous designers use this platform because it is  the perfect medium by which you are able to gain access to buyers and consumers. The fashion industry and media come together under one roof stimulating healthy competition - making us more determined to stay true to our brand and keep bringing exquisite, unique NickieNina designs to our audience. 

- How important it is for an average woman to be able to buy a more commercial/wearable version of the collection pieces and how do you intend to do this.

We feel it is extremely vital for us to be able to cater to all sorts of demographics - the average woman should be able to wear a collection piece therefore we make it our prerogative to create a more wearable version of our collection. 

- As a team what are your goals when designing a collection.           
We always strive to stay true to our vision - our goal is to bring something new to the table and we work collectively in order to achieve that goal. Our aim is to create a collection that can transition from ramp to reality seamlessly and can cater to a diverse demographic. 

Nickie, Nina and Mehru

- 2 things that make editors go gaga for a collection.

Color and Cut. 

- What is your inspiration for this collection and why?

Gypsy  women and circus performers with nomadic lifestyles ; this collection is functional, eclectic and chic for a working woman on the go, who is always ready for adventure and looks like a fashion icon while doing it!

The flowy pant silhouette is an exciting sight!
- An essential item for a summer wardrobe?

The perfect cropped pant! 

- How important is Social Media/ Bloggers pre, during and post these events.

Social Media is now the fastest way for designers to communicate with their audience. We have entered a generation which is always online! We are constantly connected to one another therefore the presence of social media needless to say is extremely vital! The consumer gets an opportunity to indulge in a dialogue with designers without even having to be present at the show! 

- Your two thoughts on StyleStripped.net.

Unique, trendy and so much fun to read! 

- Colour Palette

* Ink Blue, Sorbet Yellow, Garnet,  Moss Green, Tangerine, Watermelon, Lavender and an assortment of greys

- Trends to look out for

* Crazy layers, cut outs, sheer, midi length, solids with printed/neon accents.

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