February 23, 2014

Trend Alert: Metal Clutches

I'm loving the new trend of metal box clutches! These are an investment item since they have an extremely transitional nature. Where it at a lunch with western clothing or a wedding at night with blinded out Desi clothing!

Must have! Which one to own though? We have the perfect guide right here...

If you wish to splurge get the Ralph Lauren engraved clutch at $1800, real silver, real candy!
Second down the line is Kotur, in the ball park of 200-300£, Good quality and identifiable brand (the clasp lock detail).
If you want to save, as good as any option is Oasis from England around £40.
And for out local Fashionistas! As good as any also is this gold croc embossed metal clutch from Tesoro... For less than 5000 rs this is a real keeper!

Happy shopping!!

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