February 24, 2014

Shehla at FPW

Fashion can always trust Shela to give us a heavy dose of glamour! Models dripping in gold, while the shoe stopper, Humaima Malik showed some gorgeous flesh in a peek-a-boo dress!
All in all, a spectacle and a half!

This season for FPW6, Shehla Chatoor collaborated with TONI&GUY to present the GLAMOUR trend. Edgy and uber glam ensembles were showcased by Shehla with celebrity show stopper Humaima Malik .
 The idea behind this capsule collection was to show that with the right imagination and creative genius, Shehla knows how to bring together various elements and give a gown, a saree, a cocktail dress or a jumpsuit an uninhibited elegance and GLAMOUR worthy of a Red Carpet Wardrobe.

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  1. tactastic! if Ms chatoor were a doctor, her license would have been revoked by now


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