January 31, 2014

Show Sunday the Love!

Sunday has surprised us with a brilliant new layout for their cover! We got in touch with the editors to find out what inspired them to make such a change.

"We have always been inspired by entrepreneurs - especially in the fashion industry. Uniqlo's Tadashi Yanai's philosophy resonates here: "each one of us needs to embrace the concept of 'change or die,' [or] there will be no future for us." It's what we try and live by! We love to keep the wheels turning at Sunday for our readers (who we are so grateful for). We love to keep giving them new things to look forward to and expanding our readership year after year. And it's fun to keep the competition on their toes! So after 12 years of Sunday's signature classic and minimalist cover - featuring the Sunday logo and an image of the fashion shoot - we decided to be adventurous and put text on the cover. Hassan Iqbal of 9Lines designed the cover for us. We love the end result: it's fresh and young. It's unique. We feel it represents our design ethos well. It's the end of an era, yes, but here at Sunday it's all about keeping things new and changing it up. We hope our readers enjoy their Sunday this week! Thank you for your support Style Stripped!"

- Aamna and Shehrbano Taseer

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