January 15, 2014

Beauty: The Face

A look at your dressing or your beauty wardrobe and you come to think, that's an awfully huge number of products. Unfortunately gone are the days when vaseline was the answer for a lot of things, and what's changed is not that it's not the answer anymore. Just that marketing of products has brought us away from this and into a more specialised way of looking towards skin care and beauty.
Medical advances have also made us invest more and more in a beautiful skin.

A question that I get asked often is what skin care I use. To be honest it changes every year, some staples and some new discoveries. Some I buy just because I lie the smell, or the packing! Yes thats the truth, there I said it. How ever after years of trying and editing I believe now in my late 20s I have a definitive mix of products that do the skin good.

I will start with skin care and go all the way to a couple of different beauty looks.
Here is my (ideal) skin care regime:

It's a long list to explain but here goes…
  • I have used many moisturisers over the years, the initial mix was Lancome's Aqua Fresh for summers since its water based it was a nice and light cover and their Hydra Zen for winters, a thicker oil based formula. However now I have found one cream for all seasons CLARIN'S HYDRA QUENCH. For the extreme summer days or oily skin I use…
  • Rodial's Dragon's Blood moisturiser, it's hydra(something) meaning it's water based. Feels like a slightly thick cream BUT disappears in the skin super quick and leaves it very soft. SMELLS GREAT! To confess I bought it from Space NK initially cause it smelt just delicious.
  • Space NK is a great shop or may be they just have great sales staff haha. I have started using ALGENIST an anti ageing moisturiser. Ok so they say start anti ageing stuff after 30 but we are almost there! SO… I use this product occasionally at night and sometimes in the day, it's strong product so I mix it with the other moisturisers  too.
  • Masks are congenitally suppose to go on the skin, make it hard and leave you with soft skin. Which almost NEVER happens. These make have always left our skin hard, dry and yearning for moisture. The two masks that I use now are Dr Sebagh and Eve Lom. They are super hydrating, soft and leave the skin insanely fresh!
  • I would never care for my eyes and I'm still not convinced you need a separate product for your eyes so Mom's gift all those years ago has become a staple. Just Because. Estee Lauder's Advanced eye repair serum.
  • Lancome again. It has been my first love for skin care since a long time. I swear by their cleansing water and it's creamy version for basic cleansing. I don't believe it toners, may be because i don't understand them well but
  • I found out that Rodial's cleansing water was in fact a toner too. So I got that, initially again because it smells great but I can actually see pores closed up after using it.
  • I have a few face washed with me ranging from Body Shop, Chanel and Lancome. Choose as you wish.
  • ZIT ZIT GO AWAY! Just one solution Tea Tree Oil by The body shop! Infact the whole range is great for those with crazy skin that is unfortunately full of oil and therefore zits.

Phew! Now that this is done.. onto Makeup in the next post! 
Any questions related to beauty leave me an email or comment.

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