December 21, 2013

A British Icon Reincarnated by a Pakistani!

To call the London Underground Railway system a British Icon wouldn't be wrong at all! It is the one thing that identifies London single handily around the world. The age old train system keeps the financial and fashion capital of Europe and most of the world on its toes. From the rich to the poor, the working and the stay at home, students and CEOs, all ride this well fuelled system of transportation. 

SO SO PROUD OF IMRAN QURESHI who has designed the cover for the Underground Tube map.

The amazing artwork on the London Underground Tube Map.
TFL, The official website for transport of London covers this achievement:
All Time Would be Perpetual Spring by Imran Qureshi is the latest in Art on the Underground's series of Tube map cover commissions. The map will be available in stations from mid-December 2013.
Imran Qureshi’s work is underpinned by his interest in and reflection on the relationship between ancient, traditional life and contemporary life in Pakistan as well as the complex relationship between Islamic and Western life and culture.
He has developed a practice that consistently references the motifs, symbolism, and ornaments of the Moghul tradition that thrived in the north of the Indian subcontinent from the 16th to 19th centuries. Working with these old Islamic forms of art Qureshi combines traditional motifs and techniques with conceptual thinking and a contemporary approach to abstract painting to address complex issues and relationships in his work. His on-going investigation into ornamentation is both an acknowledgement of and a critique of tradition: of constricting role models, violent political and religious systems, stereotypes, and conventions.

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