July 19, 2013

Eid Collections 2013: Nida Azwer

Run from it as you may but the closer it gets the more you stress about the perfect Eid dress! 
It's one of those traditions that partially you keep up with cause it reminds you of so many precious memories of your childhood. Gone are the days when we would invest a month or so in that perfect Eid dress, followed by the shoes and bangles. 
Now it's more about going to pick out the perfect dress and pairing it with one of your designer shoes. So after a long holiday and a lot of slacking around, it finally hit me that I don't have THE Eid dress.

As I search for my perfect dress, this guide will take you through options in various stores in Lahore, along with images where ever we can. So my first visit was to the Nida Azwer store. The store itself has been covered ( have a look here ) earlier. A beautiful store with so many beautiful options, all sorts of cuts, techniques. Modern and traditional and to fit more or less all pocket sizes.

Ok so the new collection for Eid has just started coming in and you are looking to spend around 20,000 - 30,000 for a dress that looks Eid ready. The digital prints are in full force and I love the idea of having a complicated fancy silhouette and choose lovely digital prints instead of the embellishment. The trendy top can be dressed up and down so good for use later on as well. The Angrakha silhouette which Nida has resurrected from the traditional archives is given a modern twist. The citrus colours and the airy silhouette are just perfect for Eid.

... Coming soon more 'Traditional' options at Nida Azwer included gorgeous Kaantha Angrakhas!

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