July 31, 2013

Eid Collection 2013: Elan!

So my favourite labels hailing from Lahore has come out with a much needed collection, a break from all the crazy prints, too much colour and bad fabric! Elan has kept it simple elegant and yet interesting. The majorly pastel collection features dresses that are extremely fluid. The colour of the embroideries often match the base and therefore a serene, calm sense of fashion is achieved. The collection is in stores now so get to shopping soon!

Beautiful drapes and delicate embroideries make an elegant statement this year at Elan.

 The much loved PSFW Collection is displayed at the Studio.

 loved this yellow piece from an 'Ode to the Nightingale'

 The ever popular Bridals just keep getting better!

This top was soooo delicious, like a vanilla cupcake! Lovely pearl and Swarovski detail on the cuffs.


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