May 17, 2013

Labels E Store: The Hot E-Commerce Startup!

Labels headed by Zahir Rahimtoola based in Karachi has always been a step ahead when it comes to the Pakistani Fashion and a step closer when it comes to International standards.
So it came as no surprise, great excitement and eventual pride when labels started the initiative of E-Commerce. The first website in Pakistan selling high end designer labels. The precedent set by Labels is yet unmatched. Recently mentioned in 'Mashable' and 'TechINAsia', Here's sharing a snippet of the coverage. 

Those, however, were just the early days and the environment seems much more conducive to starting e-commerce ventures now. 2012, I believe, will go on record as a landmark year for internet businesses in the nation. The year saw the launch of three very different and important companies taking off with their own e-commerce portals:
Labels eStore is the online store for Pakistan’s largest high-end fashion outlets. With its product lines covering the biggest fashion designers in Pakistan, it targets high-end consumers in the local market and the Pakistani diaspora across the world.

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