April 11, 2013

Runway Review: FPW Day 2

 Fashion Pakistan Week plateaued day 2 with very bad to mediocre and a couple of good collections at best.  
Kayseria presented a light collection, the Brand is synonymous with quality and 'awaami' designs which sell. I like their approach towards fashion, accessible understandable and affordable. Good move participating in Fashion weeks, they can build a very important bridge between the mass and the niche.

 Obaid Sheikh's collection was simple which I believe that is good, if you can't do it right then play safe.

 Sania Maskatiya's collection was nice and colorful, but felt more of the same, would love to see her experiment with cuts more as she does with prints which were a bit more contemporary this time around.

 Shamaeel's collection was a mess of all things good. Loved that there was a theme and the cuts, prints and colors were a slave to that not the other way round. Just wish Nadia knew how to use her hands with that beautiful dress.

 RizwanUllah's collection was fun to watch but this guy needs to take fashion seriously which he does not. Can be so much more, I liked the prints and the little black dress was fierce but a long way to go...

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