March 28, 2013

Spike and Tassel!

A classic and a Trend gone wild! Tassels have always been around and designers have changed them into plenty more than what a classic tassel would be. I completely love them as jewelry, in footwear they've always been around. My favorite trend shop has always been They are just too good and spot on with trends as well as classics. Love these tassel picks from them, the necklaces are even on sale! Secondly let's talk about studs and spikes, I am not a big fan of the trend and even looking at spikes hurt for some reason. So I feel the best way to do the trend is in hair accessories. The leather hair clip is so feminine yet strong and the hair band is just perfect! So take your pick in the trends to follow, and make sure you find the one way 'you' wish to translate a trend into your own style. Don't follow the pack, do what feels right.

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