March 13, 2013

Nida Azwer: EXCLUSIVE for Style Stripped!

Style Stripped brings you an exclusive insight to Nida Azwer's Lawn offerings for 2013. Aspirations andinspirations.

.... and an EXCLUSIVE look at a never before seen print:

What made you venture into the Lawn market?
Being a textile graduate I have always been keen to have a lawn line but wanted it as an independent initiative of ‘Nida Azwer Atelier’. I feel this is the right time to enter into the lawn market alongside the opening of my two stores in Lahore and Karachi.

What is the inspiration behind your lawn collection?
For this collection, I have drawn from a diversity of inspirations; ranging from the timelessness of European buildings to the richness of Turkish pottery, drawing upon the beauty of the French trellis and florals and fusing this with a heady mix of African influences and enchanting birds.

Does your 'qualified' background in textile help you relative to other designers?
I got a distinction in print design and I feel it definitely adds value to my work.

What's more important being a commercial lawn success or staying true to your aesthetic. And how do you balance the two?
My lawn designs speak for themselves, I have incorporated my signature screen prints to the lawn and have gone away from embroidered gaalas and instead given embroidered pockets and buttons so I have stayed true to my design ascetics . One always have to stay true to your aesthetic, regardless if its lawn, couture or prĂȘt wear.

Lawn is the most mainstream fabric, what message, idea or aesthetic are you giving the average woman through it?
My lawn is for a modern, trendy and confident woman and the designs are fun, yet classy. You can wear them as separates or mix them up with guidelines for our signature cuts so that our clients get the best of Nida Azwer designs in lawn.

Why Humaima Malik?
Given that my brand has always encapsulated that which is instinctively Pakistani, be that in our craftsmanship or embroideries, I was keen to work with a Pakistani personality for my lawn as well, which is why Humaima Mallick is the brand ambassador for this boutique lawn collection.

What colour palette have you followed and why?
We have a wide range of fresh colours to cater to the summer season, from greens to blues, reds, pinks etc.

What's your opinion about style stripped.
Style stripped was one of the first fashion blogs, it’s always been up to date with the latest fashion and trends.

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