February 19, 2013

Style Stripped and Labels bring you Blogfest Faisalabad!

Style Stripped and Labels bring you Label's Blog fest, enjoy a special sneak preview to the fun, frolic and fashion that took place at Label's Faisalabad.

Here is a first look at the event. A lovely day in Faisalabad was filled up with high fashion, glamour and makeup with the help of lovely individuals, Style Stripped, Labels and Depilex Faisalabad.

Erum, Creative director at Depilex Faisalabad works her magic on everyday girls.

Jannat of the label Jannat and Sadaf wears her own design while the girls enjoy the gorgeous dresses by Sania Maskatiya while Erum of Depilex look on. How much fun are all the colors? I especially loved the embroidered muted top! 

Jannat Shahid hailing from Faisalabad showcases her recent Cocktail collection, beautiful jumpsuits, trendy jackets, prints, cut works and much more! Loved every piece.

Fatima, Hina, Maham, Maleeha and Sidra pose in the prestigious brand Body Focus. The printed jacket is to die for!
Stay tuned for more images, more designers and much more fun!
Photography by Akhyar Ghani.

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