February 26, 2013

Imran Qureshi honored at the NCA.

Pakistan’s premier art institution, the National College of Arts, celebrated Deutsche Bank’s ‘Artist of the Year 2013’ award presented to Lahore-based Imran Qureshi. To celebrate this award in Pakistan, the NCA hosted an installation by Imran Qureshi at the Zahoor ul Akhlaque Gallery. The event included a unique performance by NCA students in the Sculpture Courtyard and a wonderful play in the auditorium.

Imran and Faisal Qureshi.
 Aqdas a part of an amazing funny to the bone play 'My Hour', Aisha, Aneeka and Imran
 An NCA student performing, Nca students take a bow after the play which included amazing live music and singing of all genres.
 Erum with a guest, Saleema and Imran.
 The Dance crew, Saleema with a guest.
A music and dance performance native to the Hunza region, Imran's artistic installation 'Traces of Blood'

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