February 21, 2013

Gucci Resort 2013: Fresh love to you guys!

I often save images of dresses that I like from fashion collections, more or less I don't share them on the blog but lately I've decided to share with you guys things I love. So here's sharing with you a few images of Gucci's resort 2013, what a refreshingly beautiful collection.. the colors are all summer and spring and the embellishment is coral and inspired by sea life.
The color on this dress is so gorgeous that I would call it buttery soft, though color has nothing to do with texture but this color manages to pull off both attributes. 

Those who follow the blog regularly know that I love Yellow! It's my favorite color so when I saw this print I completely loved it, Kylie wears the top as a dress and I so love it!

 Yes so yellow it is again, but Kate does full justice to this dress even in a powder pink. More power to Gucci for putting up amazing collections one after the other. Hope you enjoyed reading a few things I love.

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