February 24, 2013

Fahd Hussayn for Ittehad take on Karachi.

Fahad Hussayn in collaboration with Ittehad Textiles launches their debut collection in a wide array of colors with a unique concept titled Print Museum. This concept integrates local craft infused with lawn fabrics and outfits. Fahad Hussayn and Ittehad are the latest combination in an array of designers and textile firms having brought a big name from Bollywood - Priyanka Chopra to endorse the brand giving it a charismatic edge. The charming face of Fahad Hussayn's Print Museum, Priyanka Chopra enhances the whole brand experience.

Adnan pardesy in a Fahd scarf and Anoushey in one of the printed ensembles.

 Fahd takes a bow amidst a worthy applause.

Mohsin in one of Fahd's creations and Mr and Mrs Behroze.

 The models.

 Rukaiya and Peng look absolutely stunning in Fahd's creations!

 Hira and Freiha look absolutely stunning!

What fun and amazing creativity by Fahd for Ittehad.

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