February 22, 2013

Ayesha Farook Hashwani WINNER!

By a random ballot we have decided out winner for the Ayesha Farook Hashwani Giveaway!
It is AYESHA SARFRAZ! Congratulations Ayesha... 

We would also love to share what all of our lovely readers said about the Blog, truly humbled.
Read this and more here:

Arsha Ali: Style Stripped is the ultimate blog where you can collaborate Pakistan's eccentric fashion as well as Western fashion.The latest trends are featured as well as many people that we can be inspired by there fashion . And that bit of inspiration adds that distinct touch to my wardrobe. I love reading Style Stripped! Its a great inspiration to my wardrobe 

Sahar Iqbal In short: Style Stripped provides all the information one needs to stay abreast with the latest fashion trends in Pakistan and globally

Marium Khan: Style Stripped is the blog which keeps one updated to the ins and outs of fashion in Pakistan and also in the west, its the ultimate style guide and keeps one abreast of the latest trends, and opens one to endless oppourtunities to experiment with one's wardrobe with all the latest trend alerts it offers. In brief:ITS AMAZING AND TOTALLY WOW!!!

Ayesha Sarfaraz: 4 me Style Stripped is a best place where we can view our Pakistan's fashion in just a click..it guide me,inspires me,update me and upgrade me with new fashion designer,trends n style!it guides me how to carry myself 4m top 2 toe!Style Stripped is ma bookmark which I luv 2 read!em crazy abt it!:)

Amara Ahmed: Style stripped is the hub for fashion whose in whose out it keeps me updated with fashion trends new styles.. Its very inspiring like today they put a shoot out for elan which was amazing u can know about current events u know how to dress urself u can keep up with new trends style atripe tells u which colours to use and what trends to keep up with its an informative way to fashion !!

Sadia Kamran: Style Stripped is most informative ...inspired....keeps everyone update about latest fashion..simply in luv wid Style Stripped

Maryam Azhar: style stripped is a wonderful platform to keep u abreast of global fashion trends.... its just wow.... fantabulous...

Zahara Farhan: i love style stripped because it strips all the styles for you by letting know all the latest trends, upcomings and happenings and INS & OUTS 

Sabeeta Janjua: I love style striped because it a complete package; it not only covers latest fashions but also gives a very good guide to where one can get them from, unlike any other Pakistani blog. The best part is that it is very concise, informative and honest, and so has managed to earn my blind trust.It's truly a heaven and more importantly safe haven for fashion illiterates like me who otherwise, the people would eat up alive, us being one of the most judgmental nations of all.

Tasneem Mohammed: Style Stripped is a unique fashion conscious blog. It advises latest trends in Pakistan. Always informative, with up coming designs and trends. Also, demonstrating looks with an array of top designers. It also demonstrates what fashion conscious Pakistanis are wearing. Style Stripped is "The Leader Of The Pack" where fashion is concerned.

Sara Shahid: i love Style Stripped it is absolutely addictive i visit it everyday! i find it entertaining, informative, & so beautifully presented with the latest trends & happenings not to mention extremely professional in their style.

Marjan Waqar: love Style Stripped because that is where we get to WIN awesome dresses from some fabulous designers.....

Sundus Yasir: It keeps me updated about daily news/events going on in fashion industry, latest trends, special offers, deals & promotions offered by salons...

Aisha Chaudhry: Style Stripped gives us the latest and in fashion updates.i am simply obsessed with it...love love love

Anicka Rana Style Stripped in simple words is like vogue in UK vogue in US and ur ceo to me is like ANA WINTOUR so its a hugeeeeeeeee compliment..its not just to win a shirt buh i mean it in true sense of words.its just soo elaborated yet comprehensive in blogging abt the fashion world from amir adnan to alaxender mcqueen I just lovee itt...you guys r doing a great job n excellent work!!

Faiza Rehan Style stripped is very informative about fashion ,provides new trends and giveaways 

Amara Ahmed Style stripped is so additive ! I love the info about the latest gossip fashion news trends I love the offers deals and promotions !! I think whoever is taking care of style stripped is so well informed about the latest fashion happenings and is doin a...See More

Kiran Atif Style stripped has the latest most trendy photos and information who's who and wearing what . What's more it not only covers Pakistan but all over the world. Thanks style stripped and your team.

Sadia Ali Khan Among the rush of the fashion portals "Style stripped" is the one that reflects proper fashion Lingo and has attitude to become top leader of Pakistani Fashion.After surfing this portal ones Knowledge of fashion like: models makeup, new trends , bags ,...See More

Schumaila Ali Khan Its top fashion leading blog that spread awareness of modern Era..properly focused organized portal growing exponentially... I hooked on it... it took the place of Fahion Mags... it is all about world fashion industry. we came to know abt world fashion...

Farman Ali Khan According to my loving wife, In this busy life style stripped is an easier way to findout that what is in fashion today and this portal also help me to choose my all accessories.

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