January 30, 2013

Saadia Mirza's Nur-Ul-Ain

Saadia Mirza recently presented her new collection titles 'Nur-ul-Ain' in a an intimate fashion showcase at the Veranda Bistro, the small yet fashionable was handled by Aaamir Mazhar of Savvy PR. It was great to admire the clothes and talk out fashion in this beautiful event. It attracted the who's who of lahore and they came out in the best on winter styles!
 Erum does chic wit a fur gilet on top of some seriously lovely ink blue along with spiky jewels and a loud lip, Yasmin goes for grown up glamour in Chanel and a red pout; The mother daughter duo Mehwish and Arjumand look stylish as they share some Chanel loving between them, A caviar flap and a necklace.


 Noor and Fatima add pops of color on white while Naila goes for a gorgeous Kaani shawl.

 Mehreen Syed in a Bridal and a velvet jumpsuit flanked by a light flirty jacket, (middle) Maryam of Veranda polishes her modeling skills and proves to be a model and a half!

A new singer Alizeh wears a lovely luxury outfit white Neha and Sophia impress in red and white.

My favorite outfits for the night were scored by Nooray. The first, a gorgeous bridal with hints of burnt henna and ferozy... the work is accentuated by the movement in the dress. The second even more lovely on a base of off white flanked by gorgeous dull gold gota and peacocks showing off crimson feathers.

The Grand Finale!

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