January 28, 2013

Frieha Altaf: Seriously Chic

Two of Frieha's recent appearances caught us with quiet a pleasant surprise, the lady has arrived. It's never about how much you can afford or how much exposure you have, it's all about the edit. Frieha chose a Maheen Karim shirt with spiky embellishment and golden hardware along with a gorgeous Fashion Compassion flap and some lovely golden accessories that bring the look in burgundy/black together beautifully! The sleek hair and the mid-parting is just right.

On another event Frieha went for a glam appearance with again a Maheen Karim jumpsuit spotted earlier on Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy (click here ). We love that she went with almost no accessories a big envelope and brown leopard print peep toes!


1 comment:

  1. WOW!! absolutely love fashion compassion! I am definitely going for that look!


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