January 23, 2013

Christian Dior, Couture 2013

Raf Simons, the new guy at Dior spent his summer reading Dior's biography and realized his love for gardens, growing flowers and the countryside mimicked his own. There started the beautiful story of Couture 2013.  "There was such purity in that story," said Simons after his lyrical sophomore show for Dior. The flowers in the collection represented the idea of Spring. Techniques used are so intricate that embroideries unless looked closely at look as though they are prints. The silhouettes drap in a way that makes for petals of flowers. From gloves and corsets adorned with embroidered and appliqued flowers to hemlines adorned with gardens Raf Simons displayed an impressive array of couture techniques. A lot of people argue Raf has made Dior more commercial and the magic is gone, to me the magic has met the reality. 'A woman who dares to be different' Raf said. 


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