January 12, 2013

Ali Xeeshan, the eyes of the beholder.

In a recent campaign Ali Zeeshan's clothes were captured through the lenses of some of the top 
photographers in Pakistan.
My favorite being the one taken by Guddu and Shani. This image leaves a lot to the imagination, since you can't see the bride or Princess as she seems here it leaves you wondering what secrets she hides.

The image taken below by Rizwan is the most powerful one, it's like a tabooed dancer makes a run for her life and what little respect she has left. It's breathtaking and creates movement, so much so that you keep staring waiting for her to turn away,
Khawar Riaz always potrays a strong beautiful woman, Nooray seems to be present at the Prince's private gathering. But she is not in love with him, she is instead lost in the love of the poor artist.

The image is beautiful but too small and too blurred. Why?
Abdullah haris paints an intriguing picture of the young bride. Playful to the world but inside she burns for freedom and her recently lost childhood.
Maram and Aabroo bring opulence to live! A larger than life woman, she's no princess, but the Queen!

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