December 10, 2012

Trends: Winter Style!

Beauty is in proportion. That's what little I know about style. It's essential that whatever you're wearing is married to each other but the marriage enhances individual qualities and doesn't overlap. Every look has an essence, a theme to it. To understand that I share with you the following three looks.

Look 1 is the Punk Star: The theme here is 'Punk' which can go either way. Classy punk or Goth punk. The jacket gets some serious punk feel with the studs however since the denim is a light shade and the studs are placed in a neat order it gives a very classy feel. The birkin gives a clean lady like feel, bit it's color is loud and therefore balancing. 

Look 2 is Lady Like: Tailored clothing will always create a very strong feel but with the right accessories the mood can be softened. A valentino clutch in sugary pink has just enough delicacy to do just that. The Loubs are lady like and a great day to evening option.

Look 3 is Drama Queen: It screams fun all the way through! However the Minkoff jacket and the Loubs create a very bold statement and to offset that the bag is all black with a hint of gold hardware keeping with the theme.

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