December 12, 2012

Super models of Veet!

The Veet super Model contest enters into its 6th episode. With all glamour, style and all about looking beautiful. The aspiring model contestants this time got the opportunity of begin mentored by Amina Sheikh.
 A successful model and international awards winning actress, Amina Sheikh was joined by fellow celebrity judges Tapu Javeri, Frieha Altaf and Nabila. 
Contestants’ task of the week is a photo shoot in Makli. Makli is one of the hottest places in the country and models will not be just tested for their performance but also for the stamina and commitment to their jobs to prove that the judges made the best selection during auditions. The designer for the Makli shoot is Wardha Saleem, the rising star in the world of fashion designing, photography by the super talented Ayaz Anis and styling by the fantastic Raana Khan.

Dania: Absolutely love this shot. The body is elongated, the hands are graceful however the bell foot is a bit weird. 

Muabshara: The pose is gorgeous doing full justice to the clothes, and those shoes are just plain hot! But why so sad? the face falls flat completely! Abeer: The pose is average but what's amazing is that she makes love to the camera even with the one eye.

 Iqra gets a gorgeous ensemble, love the mustard rilli work! However she fails to fully utilize her amazing figure, height and the strong bones on her face.

Sehrish pulls off the best image by far, the hands, the feet and most of all the justice done to the skirt by the wind is stunning! Completely love the elongated leg and the shackled foot. Anu: falls short on all accounts. The lazy face, droopy eye and the too relaxed pout. The dress however, amazing.

Nadia pulls off the 'very hot' modeling pose, love the image completely. Even looking away form teh camera she makes her presence felt.

The judges: Nabila, Freiha in AFH and Amina Sheikh in AFH.

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