November 8, 2012

Retail Review: Home Couture

Only recently it seems we have become a nation of 'style' conscious people, the love of a great life style is not just limited to the rich few but thanks to increasing coverage of these elements by the media in general everyone wants a taste of art. This makes me excited beyond expression. We are finally learning it's not about 'buying often but buying right'. We will be sharing some insanely amazing stuff with you in our new effort called 'Home'. 
The launch of 'Home Couture' was attended by family and friends. A collaboration between Attiya and Shehnaz. It's a wooden marriage between the classic and the contemporary as Attiya shares with Style Stripped. It's classic solid sheesham pieces with a hint of young.
Attiya of Home Couture in Sania Maskatiya, Khadijah Shah of Elan looks lovely at the launch.

The shop boasts some gorgeous pieces, eclectic furniture and contemporary art at it's best.

Mother of pearl inlay tea table, Rs.14,000    Wooden Cabinet with a stone look, Rs.64,000     Mother of  pearl inlay lamp (I LOVE THIS) Rs.13,000

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