October 19, 2012

Sania Maskatiya's 'Wagah'

Sania Maskatiya's latest collection is an amalgamation of two cultures branched off of one beautiful centre. In her own words: '“Wagha” is a tribute to the Indo-Pak culture. The collection takes its inspiration from the traditional woven and block printed textiles and Indian miniature art.'
The collection is not just earthy and rooted it's colour palette but as Sania describes in it's work ethic too 'The design team at Sania Maskatiya engaged local artisans to produce exclusive cotton nets and Karandis while employing localized printing techniques.'
She further explains how the 'collection represents a fusion of subcontinent aesthetics; with its design roots in tradition. The team at Sania Maskatiya has incorporated contemporary silhouettes and cuts with an edgy finishing.'                                 
The colour palette for the Wagha collection is a blend of earthy colours ranging from beige, madder, olive, cream, rust, navy blue and black. 
With such interesting themes to each collection, I asked Sania why research was such an important part of the designing process, to which she said, 'we at the design house feel that in order for our collections to be intresting and successful research is imperative. Our prints build on our ideas.' 
On Sania's TODO list next is a pleasant surprise for all of us in Punjab, A store in Lahore!                        
Sania shared her thoughts on Style Stripped, 'love reading this blog, its always an absolute pleasure. Very entertaining and very informative.'

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