October 5, 2012

Misha Lakhani: Runway Review, PFDC Loreal Bridal Fashion Week.

People have been praising Misha Lakhani down right and centre for many reasons. For me her collection, her aesthetic and her passion strike a note that is quiet different but good nonetheless.
Bridals and heavy formals, couture as such in Pakistan has always made me anxious, uncomfortable. The colors, embellishment and silhouette often fail to marry each other. There is something sore about every dress as it screams for attention. 
This collection however puts me to calm. Misha's vision reaches me as earthy, organic, delicate yet rich, strong and demanding. The feel is vintage, the purpose is timeless clothing and the execution is impeccible. I for one am a sucker for techniques and Misha's collection showcases plenty. There is the rich hand embroidery, the gota work, the stamped 'tilla', block print, sequin work and the most intriguing as I couldn't figure it out on the ramp, shadow work. Misha's work excites me, almost as much as Raf joining Dior did.

This particular bridal will set you back around 7K.

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  1. 7K as in 7,000? is that in dollars?


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