October 18, 2012

Fashion ComPassion: Ayesha Mustafa brings it home!

Fashion ComPassion is as the name suggests a socially aware business venture. Mainly working in Jordan, Lebanon, India etc. With a fan base made of powerful names such as Anne Hathaway, Lily cole and Eva Longoria, the bags are not just for a good cause but beautiful in design.
 “Being Pakistani, I wanted to bring the concept of fashion that creates positive change and empowers women to Pakistan. By launching the company here, I want to provide a platform to our artisans on an international platform,” says Ayesha Mustafa, Founder of Fashion ComPassion. Heres are picks from the launch...

Ayesha Mustafa and Misha Lakhani.

Anoushay, Fareshte and Freiha at the launch.

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