October 7, 2012

Asifa and Nabeel: Runway Review, PFDC Loreal Bridal Fashion Week

Asifa and Nabeel have been around for a long time and are commercially doing well. Their collections are always a tad trendy, good color combinations, lots of flow and over all very bearable. But here's the thing, their customer service, public dealing and after sales service is extremely unbearable! Through personal experience and of a few more, it's easily the worst experience a designer could offer. Late deliveries, wrong clothes to the extent of providing nothing along with a refusal to return advances. Customers are not 'one'of the important aspect, but THE most important.
Trend spotting: Velvet sleeves, cape dress and a cropped embellished jacket.


  1. sara tahir8:30 AM

    most designers are like that. faraz manan (of rouge) delivered the WRONG wedding dress to my neighbour on her wedding. The wedding was in islamabad and despite repeated calls, the wedding dress was delivered a few hours before the wedding ceremony and appeared to be a sample piece. the poor bride was miserable. Nicki Nina delivered my sister's wedding dress a day before the wedding and the fitting was completely off. They were both rude and catty. Kamiar Rokni and HSY are the only designers I've had a good experience with. I've also heard really good things about Tauseef. Heard he is very professional.

  2. Anonymous3:18 AM

    Judging by that collection I'm surprised anyone will be back to buy it!


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