October 7, 2012

Ali Xeeshan: Runway Review, PFDC Loreal Bridal Fashion Week

Ali Xeeshan shows great promise, but haven't we been hearing that for a long time now? The first time I saw his show, I said to myself wow! Potential. I wanted to see that translate into wearable fashion, into reality, practical and commercial. However seems like the car isn't moving any forward. The collection carried on with the same statement, the same color palette and the same theatrics as it always has. It was slightly inclined towards tradition as is the general trend in bridals nowadays. One outfit tried to be demure ( the angrakha) and the other felt out of place with a bold statement (the black velvet jacket) The 'gota' clad duppatta was a happy sight along with the 'Nath' All in all, One question: was there a formal or bridal you would buy for your own wedding?

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