June 11, 2012

Aminah Haq at Style Stripped: Part II

Face masks are super easy, I used to put on raw egg white all the time when I was younger ( now the smell makes me sick) but its the best way to get rid of oily residue of your face and clean your pore that take a bit of a thrashing throughout the summer.

Organic dry masks and scrubs are available through Zoyas, some of them are great, I suggest you do give them a try, as they are super affordable and don't harm your skin. My grandmother is always telling me to use left over lemons from salad to whiten and brighten my hands that are always about six shades darker than the rest of my body as I'm always driving. The same goes for raw potato slivers that can be cut and put on your eyes to give a lightening effect. You can do the same with old tea bags by popping them into the freezer, and using them to relax during the afternoon during load shedding.

 The most important aspect of surviving the summer is staying cool. Some fun drinks to sip while the world seems to melting are blended iced drinks. One of my person favorites is a lemon slushy. Take freshly squeezed lemon juice, along with tonnes of ice, a large dollop of some very good honey ( its a wise idea to mix the honey and the lemon juice thoroughly before you add the ice). Put in a blender, and voila! Pour into some really tacky fancy James Bond type cocktail glasses, and Bob's your uncle! One sip of that and trust me you'll be fine with just the fan running while every one will be wondering why your looking soo content?!!!

Hugs and Kisses,
La Haq.

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