May 16, 2012

Summer Trends!

Kickstart your summer style with a sheer top and loud heels! Accessorize with a neutral tote, and your stylish as ever.


  1. I have been in love with these zara heels for some time!

  2. do you recommend any online store that ships zara products in pakistan

    1. I doubt Zara ships here (sucks.) But did you know topshop delivers here in Pakistan?

  3. Dear Mak and Natasha...

    Please try I've personally tried it plenty of times. It houses a wide range of brands from high end ones like Chanel and Dolce to high street favourites like Mango Lipsy Warehouse Oasis River Island etc and wait for it... FREE DELIVERY to Pakistan if you're ready to wait for 10-15 days! Try their IPhone Aap for way access.

    It's my favourite online store after Net-a-Porter but no Zara unfortunately.

  4. thanks a lot SS:) I always count on your advice!
    @Natasha really ! topshop ??? wow!! have you ordered something from there?

  5. thanks a lot SS!!! I always count on your advice:)
    @Natasha really!! topshop delivers here???? have you ordered anything from them?


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