April 6, 2012

Bag talking

Spotted a couple of lovely ladies with some lovely arm candy! Ambar Gohar wore  a Bottega Cervo. I am a big Bottega fan, their understated sense of style taps me well and does so regardless of me being a bling girl. The color on this Cervo is beautiful but the size a bit too big for the petite Mrs Gohar.

Erum wear a Birkin, yes we all know that. But whats so special about this Birkin? The Hermes birkin comes in many colors and leathers, some are more rare than others. This birkin is the most beautiful and delicate leather Hermes has to offer, a box calf. The color is a much drool worthy 'Olive' .... hands down the winner for us!

Both the ladies wear KL Lawn, designed by Khadijah of Elan. LOVE!

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