April 6, 2012

Featured: Pakistan's Divas!

A recent issue of an Indian publication 'Hello' featured Pakistan's fashion Diva's. We might not agree with all their choices but here's what we love!

Sabene Saigol ( Editor at Libas ) Sabene has been a fashion icon for us since a very long time. Her fashion choices are very wise and commendable. She's always keen to mix vintage finds with fabulous designer choices. However this feature doesn't do full justice to her gorgeous face, which for us apart from this image has been extremely photoshopped. This nude look we absolutely love.

Sanam Taseer's fashion style in one word is 'eclectic' ! She's one of the few people in Pakistan who is not scraed of color, print and experimenting in general. We love this Rokni on her, and only she could pull this off!

Our favorite image of the feature is Amna Bashir in a Bunto Kazmi outfit. She relates that its an old outfit and thats no surprise cause Bunto's style aesthetic today is quite different now and unfortunately plateaued. This particularly ensemble is TO DIE FOR!!!!!! And the lady looks gorgeous. period.

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  1. I'm wondering who were the other two ladies..


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