April 7, 2012

Aaminah Haq at Style Stripped: Part I

With a blog I wanted to share my opinion, thoughts and dilemmas related to fashion and style with, well whoever felt the same I guess. As the blog grew I realized that I had a certain expectation from it. I wanted the blog to 'educate' and 'empower' the Pakistani woman. Give her enough information that she makes learned fashion choices confidently. To achieve that we've tried to bring you information, interviews and reviews on designer collections, designer styles, product information and do 'Reader Deeds' especially to help cater individual needs of our readers. To further this effort we bring on board the gorgeous Aminah Haq! It takes a high dose of self confidence to go bare face, but with that broad beautiful smile who needs make up!

With this post I bring you a string of beauty tips by our ultimate Diva 'Aaminah Haq' She had single hand-idly changed the fashion industry of Pakistan for models, would be models and other young talents. She has joined forces with Style Stripped to bring you an easy, frank and 'this actually works' beauty guide for the red hot summers of Pakistan.

Over to you, Aminah:

I've never been one for high end summer treatments. Living in Lahore teaches you one thing: the best way to brave the heat and protect yourself from the scorching heat is by following simple easy solutions that don't require a degree from John Hopkins, or MIT. Add a few basic things into your life and you can achieve summer protection for your body, skin and hair.

  •        The first rule of surviving the summer my lovelies is Sunblock. By that I don't mean a cream masquerading as a life charging experience promising to whiten your skin, find you Mr Right and even get you a pad in St Tropez, all with the paltry protection of SPF 20 or under. Seriously ladies my cats paws need more protection than that! Unless it's a dry touch sun screen that gets absorbed into your skin pronto and is relatively oil free, with the kicker of SPF 50, let's just it's pretty darn useless! So are we all in agreement here? And don't give me the 'my best friend Saima told me yada yada' argument, I'm going to throw the 'well honey every dermatologist I've spoken to says' reply. Spare yourself the agony and the expense, go to a reliable store, that you know sells fresh stock, not expired stock. Get a generic reliable brand, I use Nutregena dry touch SPF 50. Whatever you get, remember apply every time you wash or after working out/heavy perspiration. That should set you up for some major sun protection. 

  •        Running around in the sun can dry your hair. Even fried looking like mine is most of the time. You can do two things: 

  1. Use a hair mask before you shampoo your hair, along with that also 
  2. keep changing your shampoo,( try not to use shampoo with silicone). There are some organic shampoos available, for girls on the go. Since it's not practical to smell like a coconut or herb explosion, use once a week.
  3. Hair mask recipe ( passed down to me by too many old ladies): 
- 2tbs desi yoghurt otherwise use Prema
- 1tbs hair oil( whichever one suits you coconut/almond for dryness Amla for dandruff) 
- 1 raw egg( for moisture only use yolk). Mix well, apply first in roots, then all over. Put on shower cap as tends to be a bit drippy. 
Leave on for 30 mins, then wash and condition as per usual. Try not to blow dry.  Apply 2x a week works wonders.         

Hugs and Kisses,
La Haq

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