March 25, 2012

Reader Deed! @Aisha A.J

Our lovely follower at Twitter complained its rather hard to find long length tops in the western world. I agree a hundred percent!
Here are my staple brands to find some beautiful tops and dresses that fit not only you but your pockets too.

h&m is my sworn favorite for everything! From tops to dresses. Pants, maxis, knitwear ... everything! It's got great quality, is budget friendly and most of all h&m are the foremost in being on trend. Dress it up in a colorful dress, for a day look this white man shirt is great and can be easily dressed up.

If you pocket allows Reiss is great with lengths too. A white shirt dress clinched at the waist is perfect for day wear. To go formal this pleated silk dress is gorgeous. Assemble with strings of pearls and voila!

... hope this helps Aisha :)

1 comment:

  1. Aaww..thanks for the post :)
    It sure does help..but the sad part is H&M doesn't release all of its collections in all it's US stores..sigh..We don't have aloooot of the good launches in our local store :(
    very depressing indeed..I can't wait for them to open up their online store this's about time!!!
    As for the accessories..super yum!! ;) specially the KNOT clutch..:)


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