February 28, 2012

Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy!

Behind the victory is the documentary, the message that should be in the forefront.
Fight against domestic violence, respect and save your women.
... Here's sharing Sharmeen's various looks for the Oscars:

In Sania Maskatiya
- I love how the dress is demure and completely Pakistani. I would have hated a western option. Sania is soon becoming a favorite. She is one of the few 'research based' designers in Pakistan. Her innovation speaks volumes in everything she does. Color, cut, technique and embellishment all treated with a lot of thought and passion. Well done Sharmeen and Well done Sania!

Sharmeen's footwear, hair and the loud lip all compliment her style very well... she could be at a wedding in Pakistan right now, and thats what i love about her choices.

In Sana Safinaz
- Love the colour but the sleeves are very unflattering. Sharmeen has a lovely figure, the arms are not helping at all... Would have preferred an updo with this outfit and a pair of nude Loubs too... What's your opinion?

In Maskatiya                                  In Sana Safinaz

In Bunto Kazmi
- I love the shape but she chose the same shade of ivory yet again... and the dangling stones on the arm are not very classy. Very unnecessarily kamasut** The plant embroidery is so very passe' Bunto should have given her some movement, some flow ... some serious drapery was needed here. Such a dis appointment. The beautiful patriotic cuff was by Kiran fine jewelry.

Kiran fine jewelry 

In Sana Safinaz
- Love the cut and the taupe colour, and yet again I applaud her for choosing Pakistani sillhouette... THIS is the Oscar dress!

What's your view? Have a favourite?


  1. Please re post the pix, I don't think they posted the first time around

  2. so sorry... i think the pictures are visible now but ill swap them for bigger ones :)


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