August 3, 2011

There's always time for bags!

Feel like its time to discuss some new bags, its summer everyone's off to holidays and with a little help from Style Stripped you can make the right decision of your next IT bag...

The two bags in this first installment are sublime reincarnations of classics.

The YSL blue holdall : Ysl has always been known for its blacks and blues, its intense 'man-i-fication' of everything woman or/and man. This particular holdall is insanely classy, very elegant but not in a sophisticated, feminist way. This bag speaks of power, class, control and yet says 'im ready to have some fun' thanks to the color. Make a strong yet fresh statement with this gorgeous tote. It'll prove to be excellent college bag, travel companion and even a mommy bag for all those yummy mummies out there...!
The bag will set you back 1,035 at net-a-porter, $1,495 at Neimun marcus... and if you want it delivered to Pakistan then my best bet would be neimun's however have the most variations in this gorgeous bag.

  • The other classic revisited is the Fendi Baguette: This gorgeous little bag is actually insanely spacey (is that even a word? oh well! ) and rightfully so called the 'Big Mama bag' ... how cool is that right? the color speaks fun, glamour and action!
  • The leather is the most gorgeous i've seen post toga on a Birkin. So whats not to love? The color, the leather, the gorgeous tortoise detail on the handles and the buckle and the oh so affordable! Price :D $1,400 only.. and trust me when i say only, cause the leather is amazing!
Happy Shopping!

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