August 17, 2011

Shoewawa: Why pay an arm and a leg?

Ok so all of us can't be billionaire daughters or trophy wives! A bit of reality is a good way to deal with fashion, and the truth... the bare truth that none of the money centric magazines, selfish stylists and your rich friends will tell u - IS - Money don't buy style!

All you need is an open eye, a queer interest in 'changing' fashion and ... well Style Stripped!
So here's taking you on a journey of savings and more savings... starting with those you can never have enough of? Shoes!

Top right corner are shoes called 'brogues' or 'oxfords' These male looking shoes have been in and out of fashion through time, now's a good time to take out yours. Fit for high waisted trousers, cropped pants, shorts or even a dress. Check out these street style brogues for ideas...

Invest in a pair of brogues only if you live in a western country and if so try a pair by NDC (as shown) via NAP otherwise i strongly feel a trendy buy as such shouldn't be too expensive so grab a pair from your trusty H&M for a mere 25 pounds! Yayyyy

Bottom right corner : A gorgeous pair of our lovely red soles, these loubs are to die for... sadly so is the price, but no fear Top Shop to the rescue, get your steel heels for a fractional price of $160. These will take you from day to night easily. Although this particular pair of Christian Louboutin is an investment piece.

Top left corner: The most important pair of them all! Your cinderella shoes for the high fi december weddings and committee parties... you can't deny them any more!
If you NEED to show your wearing Choos then this lovely pair is from the new collection and looks real pretty in real, otherwise save with a pair from ( they have a fab budget collection btw)

Our last mention is the leopard print flat. I personally can't ever have enough of animal print! But it's tricky so don't go all dashing out on it. It needs to be worn in perfect proportion to the rest of your outfit. It's no doubt a loud statement so you might need some assistant and who better than a gorgeous model and an accomplished designer to get a clue from...

Alright troops thats it for now, write to me if you have any queries, i read ALL my mails ...
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