November 16, 2010

... and the WINNER is.. Fatima Shafiq!

The competition 'Style Stripped LOVE Karma' has finally come to a close, the response we got was tremendous! Yet again Style Stripped has proven to be an interactive forum between designers and their fans.

a big hearty CONGRATULATIONS to Fatima Shafiq of Lahore...


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  1. just one word.. "WOW" and i couldn't be any happier. I'am more in love with Karma and Maheen Kardar, May God Bless her always :)

    StyleStripped is a fantastic blog, i used to visit it before the time the Karma Competition started. as it is filled with the latest updates of the fashion industry.I have suggest your page to all my friends on facebook :) the idea of the giveaways on the StyleStripped blog is a good move. as it creates an excitement of winning and a thought of purchasing other goods from the designer boutiques:)

    Although i havent seen my lovely Karma dress. because of my absence from pakistan. but i cant wait to see it, wear it as soon as I get it in my hands. and this will happen very soon inshaAllah :)

    I love Karma and God Bless the Karma team with lots of success and the respected name. ameen


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