June 11, 2010

Who's Shoes??

OK! enough looking people, time to get interactive... test your knowledge of celebrities and more so of designer goodies... Below is an image of pairs of well... legs? no seriously ! You have got to tell me who these famous shoewawas are? This is one of many contests coming up, No gifts as yet but will look into getting some if there is enough response.

... I shall moderate comments all at once when the contest is over so the first correct answer can be declared the winner. Yayyyy!


  1. hey sadhia!

    the brands are mentioned.. the left is a pair of giuseppes and the right are a pair of diors.. you are to guess who is wearing them :)

  2. oooh I see...now that's difficult :-)

  3. Maheen Kardar and Aminah Haq

  4. sadhia email addy is:

    ... and guys we have had a few interesting answers till now! So get answering as soon as possible !

  5. great observasion 'the other side of the sea'!! well done.. one half of the answers! Iffat Umar wears Dior pumps..

    The other half any one?

  6. it's sundas mannan!


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