April 24, 2010

Across the Persian Gulf: Part I

The recent launch of designer house 'Labels' at Studio 8 in Dubai was a huge stepping stone for Pakistani fashion. One off exhibitions and occasional fashion shows don't create as much of a 'market' as a stay put showcase such as this. It's a tremendous achievement to not only take on one designer but a multi-brand palette onto an international scale.

Although there is no comparison between Indian and Pakistani designers since we only 'just' got the podium they have enjoyed for a very long time, but Pakistani designer to me offer much more in terms of quality and workmanship. Now an international buyer can access the offerings side by side and make a more informed choice.

... At the launch Sara wore Zara Shahjahan, a piece i quite like and no wonder she chose the full on bling version. Designer Jannat was spotted with a gorgeous Lemon Birkin! Have to give it to her for choosing that color. Birkins are usually spotted in staple colors like black, orange or gold... but this ones oh so summer, Me Likes!

images: Labels, FB Group.

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