March 23, 2010

Picks : PFW 2010.

... so Pakistan Fashion week was the latest happening out in Lahore.. Don't feel like posting all the images so just gonna show you what i like and why?

... This cropped jacket by Rouge, I think its a brilliant idea to don a cropped heavily worked jacket over a loose shirt. Go for a black loose shirt, black wide pants and a heavily worked jacket. TIP: browse your old stuff, find a heavy shirt you love but hate and make it into a jacket!

On trend jacket at Karma; Jump Suits were all that last season in International fashion and as expected have finally trickled down into Pakistan.. I am not a big karma fan but this jacket is HOT!

If i had to give the 'most improved design house' award it would be Nayna!
.. well done.

One collection that was totally summer, wearable and on trend was Sara Salman!
Loved it!


  1. finaLLLyy we see a jumpsuit on the paki runwaY!

    i totaly loved the jumpsuit trend last year ....its a totaly new take on comFY yet sexY!

  2. jackets r niiice!


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