March 24, 2010

Luxe List: Summer 2010

Summer is here.. Yayyy NOT! Beat the heat in style with a few fashion essentials..

  • The white tunic, This is a must and the best thing is this garment allows for any shape and size! Put on a bit of lace, a bit of pleating, a knot in the front or just some pearl buttons on the front and your set!
  • Take the LWD from a day to evening look with a gorgeous printed jackets, your tailors are full well capable of making a jacket ( just give him a sample.. the one you bought from primark last year? or your friend's gucci). Pick a print but make sure the fabric is heavy and stable to pull off the structure of a jacket, dot with some sequins or a brooch if you wish and your all set for a party!
  • The classic: The orange Birkin, Don't matter if your wearing crap... top it off with a birkin and watch that smile :)
  • The Sandal: This summer its NOT the gladiator, please girls throw it away or just give it to your 'safai' wali! but no glads this summer... Opt for thongs or flip flops (bejeweled if you must ;)
  • Statement jewelry : Store that cocktail ring you got! and dig into your mom's old jewels. Kundan Jadau are the jewels to go this season but more is less girls. If you wear the big chocker, miss the earrings completely. If you go for the ring, miss the bracelet and so on so forth...
  • Grass: Yes replace the flowers in your house with gorgeous grass, fake as in the image if needed! It's a fresh idea.

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