September 4, 2009

My Bad: Attention all Male Readers!

So i have been getting many emails, tweets and messages to include Men's and i have to say!
My Bad!
Our readers, Salman requested that we do something now...
Being a woman myself i have bee rather biased, when Fashion is for all!
So if you ask me... What's the one thing i need to update my style NOW?
I say: The Wayfarer. The classic as it was introduced by Ray Ban.


  1. hi, i'd just like to tell you that none of the photos are viewable on stylstripped anymore because the icon says the "bandwidth has been exceeded"

  2. yes, we are going through some technical upgrades, on the side note it's interesting it took our readers for the website to have technical issues to get commenting!


  3. Your website is very nice, you do a great job showcasing Pakistan's creative, artistic side. If there is one quibble, it's your lack of proper capitalization and grammar review. Sloppy editing is very distracting and it makes reading difficult.

  4. wayfairers are so two seasons ago!

  5. Lindsay Lohan spotted yesterday wearing them to a club at night, and Brad Pitt still sporting them on his motor bike, but thats for me to know :)

    Thanks you for commenting and please keep doing so!

  6. Haha sorry, I'll comment more from now on ;)

    Btw, in my opinion, you can't really count celebrities as style icons since they're only human and just because they're wearing something last night at a club (including Wayfarers which are over now), doesn't mean its in or trendy. Especially if it's someone like LINDSAY LOHAN!! Have you see what she's been wearing lately? No idea how she got the september Elle cover. I understand Brad Pitt though ;)

  7. yeah well i can't compete with brad pitt! lol but seriously how many people in pakistan have u seen wearing these? .000001 percent ? may be not even that cause ive only see one!

    so i guess we are what? 2 years behind? But no worries we are here to fix it!

  8. gotta agree with wildcard - the fact that lindsey loahn (ha!) and brad pitt are wearing something doesnt make it current! 'in' season looks are determined (as im sure you know) by whats on the runway and in look books for the upcoming season - not by what rubbish celebrities are wearing!!

    i mean, if we went by celeb standards, we'd have to assume wedge heeled trained are 'in' (im looking at you, tom cruise)

  9. btw FYI Lindsay Lohan just became the 'New Muse' and 'Artistic Advisor' at Ungaro so I guess what she thinks and wears will be making quiet the difference.

    She will be 'advising' the designer on collections, inspirations etc.

  10. Mm, I heard about that..seems like a desperate attempt to revive the brand in my opinion. She does have style, per se, but not something fashionable compared to someone like Queen Rania or Miroslava Duma. Anyway, Ungaro's owned by Pakistanis so I'm right behind it ;D

  11. haha funny you mention LL and ungaro, have you read what the fasion press has said about the collaboration? even wwd couldnt come up with anything nice to say! ha!

  12. haha yes i guess she's cashing her 26 million google hits!


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