September 11, 2009

last word: Munib Nawaz

Hey Guys... Today i bring to you the much awaited interview with Munib Nawaz. A designer who stuck to his instinct when every one thought otherwise. His aesthetic is a perfect example of fusion. The design philosophy is pushed just enough to create a wearable yet trendy outfit!

SS: How did you celebrate the holidays?
MN:Roaming around with my wife. Meeting new people. Looking at art and historical places around the world.

SS: What's your favorite winter food?
MN: A well made steak. Aussie preferably. I'm a big fan of sea food too.

SS: What was your childhood nickname, and what's your nickname now?
MN: Moby some call me moby dick ;)

SS: What was the first movie you remember seeing as a child?
MN: Rad. It was awesome all about BMX bicycles and pre-X games kind of fun.

SS: What's your favorite store in the world?
MN:Apple, Bose, Neiman Marcus.

SS: What's your favorite MFW memory?
MN: Everything was overwhelming. The people, places, my show & the award ceremony!!! ;)

SS: Was there any discouragement or opposition towards the decision to do MFW?
MN:MFW was my project I didn't depend on other people for approval, it was me and my wife plus all my workers that pulled it off for our brand and our Country.

SS: How surprised are people when you tell them your a 'Fashion' Designer from 'Pakistan'?
MN: Pleasently surprised.

SS: How important is it to show the softer/creative side to Pakistan?
MN: Imperative! get government policy makers to make sure that we show what more we offer to the world. It's a small price but if used effectively could result in great acheivements.

What was the most rewarding - and challenging - thing about Fashion?
MN:The collections other designers were showcasing were brilliant being a part of such a big event was most rewarding. Putting Pakistan(the mapped sherwani) was extremely rewarding especially because of the response it got from them. Also the award well that's the reward for Pakistan.

SS: Please look up from your computer and describe what you see.
MN: I see hope and clarity in the air. i see stars in broad day light shining on me asking me to reach them.

SS: Tell me about your favorite item of clothing/accessories and why it's so special to you?
MN:the sherwani I wore on my wedding ;) need I give reason?

SS: When was the last time you wrote a letter? Received one?
MN:its been frkkin ages man I adapted to technology relatively early.

SS: What's the greatest or most important lesson your parents taught you?
MN:Patience. Take responsibility of your own life.

SS: What's the first thing you do when you get home at night after work?
MN: spend time with Rabya, my wife.

SS: What's the worst gift you ever received?
MN: I don't think I have gotten bad gifts. It's the thought

SS: What never fails to make you cry?
MN:lack of vision

SS: When are you happiest? SS:
MN:every moment with Rabya, especially when she is happy

What's your favorite time of the day?
MN:early morning and late night when everything is calm

SS: What is the last thing you googled?
MN:swine virus in brazil & Bolivia

SS: What is your computer desktop pattern/screen saver and how often do you change it?
MN:its the apple logo , Rabya or my niece Sara, and in my phone it's starry night by van gough and the other 2 are constant.

SS: Your view on the rivalry in the Fashion Industry?
MN:Seriously i think we all have moved on from that. All designers are working from one city to another, the rivalry is only in the heads of media atleast thats my humble opinions and you guys should move on from that. the camping, old vs new is cliche BS, nobody gives a F*** about that when you have enough work.

SS: Always...
MN: positive, ambitious, progressive, always munib Nawaz


SS: Hard line truth about what you do, for those who wish to do it.
MN: it's much more than the glamor, there is a lot of hard work and smart work plus staring tough through adversity which comes ever so often. Trying to remain human in such superficiality becomes hard.

SS: What do you think about Style Stripped and which is your favorite section?

MN: its brilliant. Very thoroughly worked on. Good homework.
Click Here to view Munib's Miami Collection!
Questions? Comments? or any feed back for Munib! Let it out here...

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